Thanks for visiting. My goal is to give you access to meaningful information about the wines Ice Bucket Selections imports and sells to New York City restaurants, wine bars and wine stores. What you won’t find here are lengthy tasting notes and catalogs of 90+ scores. What you will find are the compelling stories of the families who make the wines, and the unique combination of the climate, geography and history of the places those wines come from.


It is my belief that what truly makes wine interesting—and what has largely been lost in today’s overheated quest to herald the next vintage of the century or 100-point cult bottle—is the connection between the people who work in the vineyard and you, the ultimate consumer. It is only through the shared sense of the family’s work and your satisfaction with those efforts is wine more than just a consumable. But wine should be neither a trophy used to impress, nor an afterthought simply swallowed. It should be accorded the respect that any of our foods deserve, particularly when we know who made it and where it is from.

The site is structured to provide you with easy-to-find information about each producer, each wine, each region and where to find each wine in New York. In addition, there are links to producer, restaurant and wine store sites, as well as my views on why each venue is worth checking out.

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